What is Big Data?

Big data is a hot topic of conversation and can mean many different things depending on where you are at with your adoption. Often the term is thrown around with many of us not really understanding what it is, nor its benefits.

Big data can give a strategic advantage to any company that is willing to move past the daunting outset and look to the horizon for what can be achieved. Big data is classified as large sets of data that are too big and complex for traditional data processing applications to deal with and include challenges around data capture, storage and analysis. On the flip side, larger data means more opportunity to uncover insightful information, be it trends, costs, spending, customers, traffic, you name it. Being able to utilise this data is allowing companies to strategically plan and drive their business forward.

Understanding how to harness this data is the hard part and that is where we can help, here at Prima Consulting we have a team of consultants that know how to shape and leverage these huge volumes of data so that you can gain meaningful insight and drive out scalable solutions that tackle the challenges of working with big data.

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