Visual Planner expands Power BI’s capabilities exponentially. With Visual Planner you can now edit data in a Dashboard, Report or App, observe the visualisation updates, and save any changes back to the underlying data repository. Any Power BI write-back is done within a matter of seconds while respecting Role Based Security. Visual Planner ultimately provides users with a multi-purpose tool for all their reporting, data entry, planning, commentary, data visualisation, and analysis needs.

The core idea behind Visual Planner is Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting. The ‘Visual’ component represents the idea that data is hidden today behind outdated tools when calculating drivers, submitting forecasts or commenting on reported variances. With Visual Planner, users can clearly see, or ‘visualise’, the data in front of them. Then they can change a Power BI data entry in a projection or forecast to visualise its impact.

The Art of the Possible – Power BI + Visual Planner

Visual Planner enables write-back for text comments, numbers and meta-data to SQL Server, Hadoop, Teradata, SAP Hana, Oracle, etc. Visual Planner is the only software in the world that allows for real-time updates to Tabular Models directly from Power BI reports.

Visual Planner is the only solution on the market that allows Pivot Table type Power BI data entry with Allocations, Smart Formulas, Custom Spreading, and Goal Seeking to take place directly within Power BI Reports.

There’s no need to learn an entirely new product. Our training courses quickly give your developers & end users the skills required.

This software is the only solution on the market that offers Drop and Drag Visuals. This ensures that entering and updating projections – or creating what-if scenarios – is always at the tip of your fingers.

The platform allows users to run and save statistical forecasting outputs. Complete manual manipulation and side-by-side comparisons directly within Power BI reports.

Visual Planner can write-back to any OLE DB or ODBC connection directly from Power BI. Its prebuilt connectors are available for Oracle, SAP HANA, Snowflake, Teradata, Hadoop, and more. Deployments support: On-Prem, Cloud, Hybrid Model, Power BI Report Server.

Visual Planner lets you take advantage of all the benefits of Power BI. When a user finds the key to a driver-based unit for the company, they can enter it right into the Power BI grid. The response is immediate as all the visualisations update immediately from the data source.

Short Product Demo – Check out more of the basics here.

Visual Table Editor – Row by Row Write-Back Directly Within Power BI

A major pain point in Power BI is the lack of functionality for effective commentary & ad hoc data capture/management. As part of the Visual Planner package or a stand alone product, the Visual Table Editor visual lets users connect to any ODBC or OLE DB data source to edit and manage list data directly within in Power BI.

You no longer need to be managing data in multiple disparate systems – then waiting for Power BI to refresh. With the Table Editor, you have a one-stop-shop data management solution for your organisation. This saves your employee’s time and reduces software expenditure. When making changes to any Power BI data entry in a Report or Dashboard, the visualisation will update and display the new value as users enter them. Even rich text is supported, allowing users to communicate effectively with the rest of the organisation.

Power ON – Supercharge Power BI

Combine Business Intelligence and Business Performance Management with Power BI.

Visual Planner

Unified write-back for Power BI. Edit data in a Dashboard, Report or App, observe the visualisation updates, and save any changes back to the underlying data repository. 

Power Planner

Power Planner enables organisations to combine Business Intelligence with Corporate Performance Management.

Financial Report Writer

Historically, BI Systems have lacked Financial Report Writers. No more. Visual Planner’s Financial Report Writer allows users to create comprehensive reports.

Power Update

By equipping your Power BI with Power Update, you can rely on having current data. Power Update automates refreshing Excel and Power BI Desktop workbooks.