Interact and Save Data in Power BI Reports or Dashboards

Visual Planner expands Power BI’s capabilities exponentially. With Visual Planner you can now edit data in a Dashboard, Report or App, observe the visualisation updates, and save any changes back to the underlying data repository. Any Power BI write-back is done within a matter of seconds while respecting Role Based Security. Visual Planner ultimately provides users with a multi-purpose tool for all their reporting, data entry, planning, commentary, data visualisation, and analysis needs.

The core idea behind Visual Planner is Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting. The ‘Visual’ component represents the idea that data is hidden today behind outdated tools when calculating drivers, submitting forecasts or commenting on reported variances. With Visual Planner, users can clearly see, or ‘visualise’, the data in front of them. Then they can change a Power BI data entry in a projection or forecast to visualise its impact.

Matrix Visual

Now you can finally enter, upload, copy and paste data straight into a matrix for submissions and analytics in Power BI

  • Read/Write in Pivot Tables
  • Comments on any data point
  • Smart Formulas and Goal-Seek
  • Statistical, Operational, or Financial metrics in a Pivot Table experience
  • Actual, Forecast, and Planning data in the same matrix
  • Client-side calculations and layout
  • Immediate updates across related visuals and data points
  • Plan for Expense, Revenue, Sales, Supply, Demand, Inventory, HR, and more
Stewart Title

Stewart Title, one of the US’ largest real estate service companies, improved forecasting by replacing Hyperion HFM with Visual Planner + Power BI

“Visual Planner is one of the most interesting and effective forecasting tools our leadership has seen.”

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Drag and Drop

Make budgeting easier for everyone involved. Power ON Visual Planner’s Drag and Drop features allow users to:

  • Plan visually
  • Make any adjustments to a budget with a mouse or touch screen
  • Make accurate and effective forecasts
  • Change the data while maintaining Row-level security in Power BI
Fortune 500

One of world’s biggest software companies enables write-back in Power BI for proactive customer insights

“With Visual Planner we can now use the Power BI interface to input data that trains our Customer and Product development ML models.”

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Visual Table Editor

Connect to any OLE DB data source, and edit values in real-time in Power BI; products, customers, employees, numbers, calendars, etc…

  • Text and Check boxes
  • Drop Downs and Date Picker
  • User ID tracking
  • Add, Edit and Delete Rows
  • Sort or Filter by any column
  • Automated Paging
  • Drill Through Pop Up

Europe’s oldest manufacturers improves efficiency and eliminates costs through xP&A with Visual Planner for Power BI

“Visual Planner helped our team convert data into value.”

Read Lechler Sales Planning Success Story

Master Data Management

Effectively manage your data structure. The Visual Table Editor for Power BI enables Master Data Management as a custom visual in Microsoft’s Power BI. Key features:

  • Add, Delete, Modify any SQL table connected to Power BI through the Power BI Gateway
  • Add drop-downs, checkboxes, calendar picker, text, text areas to any SQL table
  • Supports Direct Query model for measures
  • Multiple Columns Search and Filtering

€20B Procurement Alliance Cuts Monthly Close 87%, Replacing Excel with Real-time Planning & Write-back in Power BI

“Write-back with Visual Planner allowed us to remove much of the frustration and delay for our controllers and project managers who must ensure quality reporting.”

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Cloud, On-Prem, Hybrid

Visual refers to the idea that today’s corporate users often forced to use legacy tools to calculate drivers, submit a forecast or comment on reported variances. With Visual Planner you can see, ‘visualize’, the data in a format that makes sense, change projections or forecasts, from Tabular Model or Power Pivot, and immediately see the resulting impact in Power BI.

PowerON Visual Planner works…

  • On-Premises (Power BI Report Server)
  • Hybrid hosting (Power BI service with On-premises Data sources)
  • 100% Cloud (Power BI service, Azure SSAS Tabular Models)

Visual Planner lets you take advantage of all the benefits of Power BI. When a user finds the key to a driver-based unit for the company, they can enter it right into the Power BI grid. The response is immediate as all the visualisations update immediately from the data source.

Short Product Demo – Check out more of the basics here.

Power ON – Supercharge Power BI

Combine Business Intelligence and Business Performance Management with Power BI.

Visual Planner

Unified write-back for Power BI. Edit data in a Dashboard, Report or App, observe the visualisation updates, and save any changes back to the underlying data repository. 

Power Planner

Power Planner enables organisations to combine Business Intelligence with Corporate Performance Management.

Financial Report Writer

Historically, BI Systems have lacked Financial Report Writers. No more. Visual Planner’s Financial Report Writer allows users to create comprehensive reports.

Power Update

By equipping your Power BI with Power Update, you can rely on having current data. Power Update automates refreshing Excel and Power BI Desktop workbooks.