Ensuring that your BI implementation remains flexible, yet governed, can be tricky. That’s where our tailored Business Intelligence strategy and frameworks can help. We lead BI implementations in the right direction, making sure that get the most out of your deployment and overall investment.

Our implementation plans ensure a smooth roll-out that promotes an exciting and effortless user adoption. We strongly believe in our 5 pillar approach to having a clear data analytics strategy and successful BI implementation. And we can help at any level.

Our 5 pillar approach to a successful BI strategy implementation

Big Data and Cloud

We start with the right infrastructure.

Data Management

Ensure your data layer is sound – as data is king.

Visual Analytics

Provide interactive analysis at the right level.

Strategy and Framework

Wrap your Business Intelligence strategy in a framework that works.

Support and Maintenance

Ensure your users are trained and your investment is being looked after.

Get the most out of your data analytics strategy

Setting up a BI strategy solution is a big step for businesses of all sizes. Moreover, it’s becoming more important to get right in today’s market. That’s why working with an experienced Business Intelligence strategy consultant is so valuable and important.

There are many different approaches you can take – from starting small to jumping into the deep end. However you want to do it, we’ve done it before. We know the pitfalls and requirements for successful change. Our BI strategy consultants ensure that users are able to adopt a new way of thinking about data analysis. We do this so every team member can get the most out of a BI strategy implementation. A good consultant can also quickly identify and help resolve issues wherever they may come up.

Here at Prima, we’ve developed a number of data analytics strategy and framework packs that allow our consultants to deliver a tried and tested approach. As a result, we can deliver stable, scalable implementations and also help strengthen and re-vitalise a potentially failing investment.

BI strategy environment review

We provide several review options which vary in duration – depending on your required outcome. The aim is to review your existing BI environment to help determine how it can be improved, providing recommendations on approach and a governance framework.

Prima Review Services:

  • Delivered by a Prima Certified Consultant
  • Review of existing BI environment
  • Review of existing data flow and process structure
  • Review of existing governance and security practice
  • Review of existing application design and structure
  • Workshop session with Business Users and IT on internal business roadmap
  • Produce a set of recommendations and best practice in the form of a proposed road map.

The review is run inline with our standard Agile approach, where we achieve as much as possible within the time allocated. This provides you with flexibility in how deep a review you require by controlling the duration of the engagement.

Interested in understanding how a data strategy can help you succeed?

Additional Services: