Developed by Microsoft, Azure is a set of cloud computing services designed to assist organisations in meeting business challenges. The platform provides you with everything you need to bring new applications to life across a worldwide network. Build, manage and deploy your applications with the frameworks and tools you prefer. Prima Consulting utilises the following Azure analytics’ core components in order to deliver high-quality services to our clients: Azure SQL, Azure Data Factory, Azure Analysis Services.

Azure SQL

Azure SQL is an intelligent, adaptable database created specifically for the cloud, with AI-powered  automated features designed to help you optimise performance and stability. It allows you the ability to build and manage applications for your business without needing to worry about managing resources or storage size, thanks to the serverless compute and Hyperscale storage options.

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Azure Data Factory

Data Factory service was built to handle all data integration needs at every skill level. Simplifying ETL at scale, you can easily construct ETL and ETL processes code-free inside the visual environment or choose to write your own code. This cost-efficient serverless cloud data integration tool works to improve productivity with shorter time to market. Focus on your data and let Data Factory handle the rest.

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Azure Analysis Services

Azure Analysis Services is a proven analytics engine that will help you get started quickly on developing analytics solutions. Using analysis services, you are able to scale resources to match your organisation’s requirements, envision your data using your preferred data visualisation tool and above all – manage, organise, test and deliver your BI solution with confidence.

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Azure is global

More data centres in more regions than any other cloud service provider. This gives global organisations local reach in the areas they need – reducing the cost and wasted time it takes to run an international system. Contact Prima to learn more about Azure Analytics consulting services.

The cloud you can trust

Join the ninety per cent of Fortune 500 companies who trust the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Take your business global with industry-leading security, privacy, transparency and comprehensive compliance – there are more than 70 compliance offerings. And manage any threat to your systems through the Security Center.

Microsoft Gold Partner

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