As the data that companies collect increases, so does the need to manage it effectively. Data engineering solutions occur where big data and business analytics intersect. They can run complex analyses on dissimilar data and be based on an on-premise, hybrid or cloud platform. As a result, data engineering allows for flexible distribution, ingestion, integration, governance and security.

Data Engineering Services

Our data engineering consulting services provide a comprehensive data management solution. This enables us to draw data from disparate sources into a single source of truth. While we focus on data cleansing, we also apply a series of data governance and security frameworks. By doing so, we can ensure data is both controlled and open enough to allow business users to get access to the data they need. That way, IT teams have the ability to monitor and manage data in a way that maintains their control – so they’re not just producers of reports.

  • Data ETL
  • Data Science
  • Data cleansing
  • Security modelling
  • Data warehousing
  • Data sharing and governance
  • API creation and governance
  • Framework & best practice

How Data Services Can Help You

At Prima Consulting, the tools we primarily use to help assist with your data cleansing are SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) and Qlik Replicate. Data engineering can help your business with the ability to better manage the volume, diversity and velocity of your data. We can bring your big data together by designing systems to transform information into clean data sets for analysis, making it readily available and accessible while still entirely secure. With data engineering, you’ll be able to discover trends in your data more easily and make the most out of your raw data.

Interested in understanding how data engineering can help you succeed?