8 Steps to a Successful API Strategy

APIs aren’t new but they are becoming an integral part of our digital strategies. As the complexity of systems and the importance of data increases, providing a mechanism for software components to connect and interact is becoming increasingly necessary. This has all lead to the API first movement and the need to not only embrace change but to be able to react quickly becoming essential.

We consider the following 8 key steps to be an integral part of any API strategy.

  • Start off with a clear API vision with a set of measurable KPIs
  • Assess your current situation and do not underestimate the journey ahead
  • Start small and grow incrementally
  • Ensure executive sponsor and buy-in
  • Establish and empower your API team
  • Develop a plan covering technology and organisation enablement
  • Measure success against your KPIs
  • Continuously improve and refine your strategy

Although these steps should exist in some way within any API strategy there is never a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s where our experience and industry knowledge can really help to ensure you start with a solid API foundation and you set off on a journey where you will maximise your investment.

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