Historically, BI Systems have lacked Financial Report Writers. But that’s not the case anymore. Visual Planner’s Financial Report Writer allows users to create comprehensive reports, including: Power BI Financial Reports; Power BI Profit & Loss Statements; Power BI Cash Flow Statements; and Power BI Balance Sheets. The platform is built on 4 concepts:

  • Row Definitions – Define the lines and calculations in your report. Take advantage of advanced DAX formulas or client side calculations.
  • Column Definitions – Users can define QTD, YTD, Monthly, Budget vs Actual, Actuals to Current data, and Forecast for the remainder of the year. These Power BI cash flow calculations are user-defined.
  • Report Definitions – 1 row and 1 column definition make up a Report. You can reuse both the Row and Columns in unlimited Reports.
  • Style Definitions – Underline/bold/font size/single line/double line/italic/font that can be re-user on one or many rows OR columns.

Example Rows:

Example Columns:

Finished Reports:

Pay attention to:

  • Both $, Headcount and % in the same column
  • Free layout
  • Client-side calculations
  • Respects any Power BI Slicer
  • Dynamic columns based on selected year, and month in year
  • Expand-Collapse rows
  • Running Totals.

Forecast Report:

Cash Flow Report: