2x 2.5 Hours – On-Site or Remote


  • Maximum 5 participants.
  • Course Prerequisites:
    • Knowledge of Power BI
    • Knowledge of database development
  • Introductory course.
  • Participants must bring their laptop.
  • Participants must have license and access to use the customised Power BI report with Visual Planner visuals (in a dev or test environment).
  • Internet access is required for the participants.


  • Visual Planner Developer Training is designed for developers to learn how to use Visual Planner visuals to enhance their Power BI reports.
  • The course is workshop based and delivered on your device at your premises or delivered remotely online.


  • Demonstrate knowledge of the features of different Visual Planner visuals.
  • Understanding of the write back process.
  • Troubleshooting.


  • Session 1
    • Write back process architecture
    • Data source configuration
    • ‘Table Editor’ visual
    • ‘Data Entry Matrix’ visual
    • ‘Bar Chart’ visual
  • Session 2
    • Auditing
    • Validation
    • Write security
    • Versioning
    • Advanced configuration
    • Tracing, Troubleshooting
    • Performance optimization


  • Training Course Material.

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