Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is the most powerful and complete solution for modern BI. The next generation data analytics application lets users of all skill levels do more with data – from discovering data with QlikView to reporting with Qlik NPrinting.

Rapidly combine any number of data sources, no matter how large they are. Then freely explore it in any direction using interactive selections and global search. With Qlik Sense, you’re no longer limited by linear exploration or slowed down by cumbersome data preparation; you’re able to interact with a powerful array of smart visualisations.

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Qlik Analytics Platform

Embedded and custom analytics.

This includes everything you need to build simple mashups, create custom analytics or embed rich and engaging analytics into your applications, portals and beyond. And you can do it all from a single platform with a proven governance and security framework. Just pick the bits you need to enhance your existing environment.

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Qliks first-generation data discovery product.

QlikView is designed to let you rapidly build and deploy interactive, guided analytics applications and dashboards using a flexible development environment. And with our patented Associative engine at its core, end users get the powerful, interactive data discovery experience that sets Qlik’s products apart.

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Qlik NPrinting

Advanced static reporting and distribution.

Quickly create aesthetic and data-rich reports to leverage your data and analytics. Qlik NPrinting reports are made using data and analytics from Qlik Sense and QlikView. After you’ve created a report, distribute it instantly in a variety of popular formats like Microsoft Office and PDF.

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Qlik Industry Applications

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Qlik Data Catalyst

This is the newest product added to the Qlik Portfolio. Qlik Data Catalyst for QVDs helps deliver more value out of your Qlik investment by enabling you to easily discover, understand and consume QVD files. This allows you to improve operational efficiencies and ensure greater visibility and accuracy across your Qlik deployment.


Qlik Geo Analytics

Powerful location-based analytics

Make better location-driven decisions with easy-to-understand map visualisations and location-based analytics that expose hidden geographic relationships. Qlik GeoAnalytics not only provides comprehensive mapping capabilities, but also moves beyond visualisation with built-in support. This is available for a broad range of advanced geoanalytic use cases to help reveal crucial geospatial information and expose hidden geographic relationships.