Power BI

Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools provided by Microsoft. 

  • Power BI on the web allows you to monitor see your whole business on one dashboard. Embed your Power BI dashboard within your intranet sites to provide a seamless interface.
  • Access your data anywhere, anytime using Power BI Mobile.
  • Power BI Desktop is your creative tool to transform, analyse and visualize data. Share reports in seconds with your organisation using Power BI on the web.
  • With Power BI Gateways, you can keep your data fresh by connecting to on-premises data sources.

Prima Consulting can provide Fast Start Consulting and Development Services that helps your organisation implement Power BI. These services may include:

  • Develop Power BI High Level Design, Power BI Data Design and Power BI Application Architecure Design
  • Develop Security Model, Security scripting and setup
  • Mentoring of best practice application development methods on Power BI and Power BI systems infrastructure
  • Troubleshooting support on Apps built on Power BI
  • Health check / optimisation of Apps built on Power BI or Power BI Systems Architecture
  • General consultancy and advice on Power BI
  • Customised training for end users of the client on Power BI usage

Prima Consulting is a Microsoft Partner and can quickly get you up and running to help meet your project demand

  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Management
  • Search
  • Portals and Collaboration
  • Application Integration
  • Data Platform

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