James Richardson Group

JR/Duty Free offers world-class duty free and retail shopping, located in airports across Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Tahiti and the city centre of the main capitals of Australia. The management team requires accurate data to understand customer spending and manage stock level during busy periods.

Before engaging Prima Consulting, JR/Group relied on the IT department to create reports for them and small changes like adding a column take weeks to develop, test and process.

These large excel pivot tables created in COGNOS were slow and restrictive.

JR/Group engaged Prima Consulting to develop a set of Qlikview Dashboards to monitor sales activities, marketing campaigns and inventory management.  Prima implemented an innovative solution, a set of quick reports, that allow users to add columns and measures according to their needs, thus reducing the IT development time.  Qlikview’s intuitive interface encourages employees to spend more time analysing the data instead of building reports to identify new trends and insights that helped drive an increase in sales.

The implementation of QlikView has resulted in the following benefits:

Executive team gains timely information on Profit and Margins
Reducing cost of inventory by analysing aged stock
Marketing team can create targeted campaigns based on passengers’ flight and nationalities information

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