The #1 search-based data discovery solution.

Easy to implement, easy to use, delivering results immediately.

Squirro_in_laptop_small.png In addition to delivering highly relevant and timely market or operationalintelligence, Squirro has many unique features that help you uncover insights that matters to you. 


Squirro integrates, manages and analyses data in real-time to ensure you always have the best information when you need it. 


Squirro is delivered either on premise or in the cloud.  This ensure the maximum level of security for your sensitive data.


Squirro integrates all the sources you need whether internal or external, public or premium and industry specific.

System integration

Squirro integrates in and with any enterprise systems including BI, CRM, ERP but also ServiceNow, Jira, Zendesk, Exchange, Gmail and many more.

Drag & drop

You can drag and drop any file type in Squirro and it automatically creates a smart filter.  This way you know how specific documents influence your insights.


Squirro notifies you in real-time every time data matching your interests is loaded, this ensures you never miss relevant information again.

Smart filters

Filters help you focus your search results even more.  Input any terms you want Squirro to extract out the information on a lead or customer and all future search results will contain these terms.

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