Qlik Support

We provide a range of support levels to our clients...

Prima Qlik (QlikView and QlikSense) Support:

First Line Support: Qlik Software Maintenance & Support (20% per annum with Year 1 payable up front):
  • Provision of all Qlik software upgrades, fixes and major releases
  • Provision of First-Line Support to an End User (You) who has purchased Qlik Software Maintenance & Support Services from Prima Consulting and is current with respect to the payment of applicable yearly Qlik Maintenance Fees for the then-current year Maintenance Period
  • First-Line Support is provided via phone during EST business hours (1300 789 842) or via email (support@prc.com.au)
  • The purpose of First line support is to gather the necessary information from you about your:
    • Current Qlik license and entitlement to Qlik Maintenance & Support Services
    • Your Version/Release of Qlik Products in use, your operating environment, the nature of the request for support & all details relating to any problem or error

    • AND

    • Provide assistance to you of any known available on-line resources that may provide a potential solution or work around to any reported problem or error
    • Set up a project to recreate your reported problem or error,
    • Determine whether your problem is the result of an environmental or configuration problem or an error in the Software,
    • Attempt to produce a work-around (where applicable),
    • Provide to you error corrections (as defined in Qlik Maintenance Policy) and updates provided to you by Qlik, and
    • If necessary passing your reported problem or error to Qlik for Second Line Support.
Ad Hoc Support Services:

These services are beyond the coverage provided by the annual Qlik Software Maintenance & Support Fee.

  • Mentoring of best practice application development methods on Qlik.
  • Mentoring of best practice Qlik systems infrastructure.
  • Troubleshooting support on Apps built on Qlik.
  • Adhoc Qlik App development.
  • Health check / optimisation of Apps built on Qlik.
  • Health check / optimisation of Qlik Systems Architecture.
  • Assisting in upgrading Qlik to the latest release or applying fix patches as required.
  • General consultancy and advice on Qlik.
  • Customised training for end users of the client on Qlik usage.
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