Software Development

Why use Custom Software

Your business is unique and you may find that pre-built software will meet some or even most of your business needs. It is very rare that it will meet all of your needs and indeed in some circumstances you will find your needs are not met by any commercially available software.

Prima Consulting are expert in developing and enhancing software to meet your unique business needs.

Our consultants are expert at developing and supporting software using traditional project management and SDLC or Agile methodologies. Our expert team provide services for:

  • Microsoft software development (.NET and Silverlight);
  • Office Automation (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access);
  • Document conversion and upgrades(Word and Excel);
  • Document and content management solutions; and
  • Databases (SQL Server, Oracle and other).

Prima Consulting can design and construct bespoke software or enhance your existing software to fill the gaps left by your existing solutions, save you valuable time and let you focus on the things that are important to your business.

For more information on our services or to learn more about Prima Consulting, please contact your sales representative.

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