TM1 connect

Integrate your TM1 DATA with QLIKVIEW or ODBC Applications. Quickly and Easily.

TM1Connect dramatically simplifies the complex process of converting TM1 multi-dimensional data directly into QlikView, Tableau or any ODBC compliant application. In addition TM1Connect also provides batch extracts of TM1 data in native QlikView format (QVX), CSV or TXT format.


  • The ability to extract all requisite data including attributes, consolidated and/or ruled TM1 data.
  • An intelligent multi-dimensional to relational data conversion engine that accommodates the nuances of unbalanced and ragged hierarchies.
  • A drag-and-drop interface that business users can use to:
    • Define the data to extract
    • Set various extract options
    • Preview data before publishing
  • Two modes: Direct connect or batch extract mode.
  • Multiple export formats including QVX, CSV, and TXT.
  • Extracts up to the minute data from TM1.
  • Honors TM1 security.
  • Connects to TM1 using ODBC even for hosted TM1 Systems.
  • Connects to TM1 via ODBC over the internet.

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