QV Source

QVSource enhances your Qlik Business Discovery Platform

QVSource makes QlikView and Qlik Sense the best connected Business Discovery and data visualisation platforms on the market, allowing ananalysis of the impact of social media and many other channels on revenue stream performance, by interconnecting with online services and feeding the data into the Qlik platforms.

Today we are using more and more services online to help run our businesses, such as Google Docs, CRM and bookkeeping systems. But we're also using social media platforms to communicate with our customers, our suppliers and amongst our peers. The data being gathered is often stored on the service provider's equipment, meaning that it's not always easy to make decisions based on that data in the wider context of our organisations.

QVSource is a small light weight application that communicates with the growing number of online services and data sources, retrieving data and feeding it into QlikView, where you can then merge your external and internal data to make informed business decisions.


QlikView is a world-leading Business Discovery platform, which provides self-servicing Business Intelligence (BI) to business users to make decisions through it's rich visualisations and powerful associative analysis

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is Qlik's next-generation data visualization application that delivers a simple drag-and-drop interface for business users " to rapidly create interactive visualizations, reports, and dashboards. Qlik Sense Desktop is the first commercially available release from the QlikView.Next project.

QlikView/Qlik Sense & QVSource

With our long history of innovating with QlikView and it's amazing analytics, bringing the two together is the logical choice. What's more, ultimately, what QVSource gets is data - and QlikView loves data!

QVSource sits alongside QlikView or Qlik Sense and retrieves data from various online services, using connectors, and presents it in well-formed schemas. The data can also be enriched as it's being retrieved, so for example a Tweet could be analyised for it's sentiment (was the mood neutral, positive or negative?) and so represents text as a number.

This data can then be treated like any other and merged with your other internal data and presented in QlikView or Qlik Sense to create holistic views.

With QlikView's other rich features, such as scheduled reloads, this means you can grab your data at regular intervals, making it possible to do trending analysis.

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