Narratives utilizes advanced natural language generation (Advanced NLG) to transform data into narratives. Instead of manual analyzing, interpreting and communicating insights to employees and customers, the intelligent system Quill does it automatically.

Integrated Narratives for Business Intelligence

  • Qlik
  • Power BI
  • tableau
  • SAP

Visualizations will never be the same

Introducing the next generation of Business Intelligence by Narrative Science, Narratives for Qlik - a free extension for Qlik Sense®.

Watch our capabilities video to learn how to use the extension to uncover hidden insights.


Integrated Narratives for Business Intelligence 

Transforms Data Visualizations into Text

For many, the spoken and written word is still how we best understand information.


Surface the hidden insights within your visualization and accelerate time to understanding.


Generate dynamic narratives as you interact with your visualization, gaining real-time insights.


Identify relationships in data not obvious in your visualization alone to help you with your data-discovery process.

Want a demo?

Prima Consulting is a partner of Narrative Science.  Download Narratives for Qlik now. Contact Us and we can show you more.
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