What is Jethro?

Jethro is an acceleration engine that makes real-time Business Intelligence work on Big Data. Jethro makes Qlik work on Hadoop and provides real-time speeds while analyzing and visualizing data of any size on Hadoop.

Making Qlik Work on Hadoop

Qlik Acceleration Server (QAS) by Jethro at a Glance

What is QAS?

An indexing & caching server for Qlik

When is this needed

When extracts are too big/slow and data needs to be accessed at the source

How it works:

  1. Qlik sends live queries to Jethro
  2. Jethro speeds up queries
    • Full indexing - every column is indexed
    • Result cache - every query is cached
    • Auto cubes - every repeatable pattern
  3. Everything stored in Hadoop


  • QAS by Jethro works with any data source and big data platform
  • Optimal for 0.5B - 10B row datasets

Unique Capabilities

  • Supports complex data models like star and snowflake schema
  • Enables set analysis functionality such as "include/exclude filters" and "total function"

Qlik on Hadoop

Query Hadoop directly from Qlik and explore your data at interactive speed. In Jethro for Qlik, queries use indexes to access only the data they need instead of performing a full scan, resulting in much faster response times. Queries can leverage multiple indexes for better performance – the more you drill-down, the faster your query runs. 

This approach results in truly interactive queries for even the largest datasets.

Use SQL-on-Hadoop

Jethro for Qlik supports standard SQL and easily integrates with QlikView and Qlik Sense using JDBC/ODBC.

Super-Easy to Implement

Works with any standard Hadoop distribution, including Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR, as well as Amazon S3, and can be easily added to an existing cluster.

Highly Scalable

Ingests billions of events per hour, runs blazing fast queries of terabyte-size tables, and easily handles hundreds of concurrent users

Jethro for Qlik: Unique Capabilities

  • Qlik’s Direct Discovery includes several limitations that Jethro is able to overcome 
  • Complex data model 
    • DD was designed to support a single external table 
    • With Jethro, a multi-table structure can be defined and Jethro automatically resolves table JOINs while maintaining Qlik’s associative experience 
  • Set Analysis 
    • DD does not support any set analysis functionality 
    • With Jethro, Set Analysis functionality is pushed into the DB and is available with DD 
  • Support for both Qlik Sense and Qlikview

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