Mission and Values

Prima Consulting’s mission is to be acknowledged as the leading developer of business intelligence systems. We will achieve our mission through a culture of excellence, created by fostering a positive, client focused and vibrant workforce who enjoy continuous learning and improvement.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction: We have external Customers whose expectations we understand and meet (or even exceed) with pleasure.
Excellence: We are committed to excellence.
Responsibility: We take our responsibilities seriously.
Improvements: We seek to continuously improve our performance.
Achievement: We are achievers as individuals and as a group.
Enthusiasm: We take an enthusiastic approach to everything we do.
Team Work: We respect and support each other.
Enjoyment: We enjoy working.
Cleanliness: We keep our workplace clean and orderly.
Environmental: We care about the environment.
Sustainability: We choose sustainable options to reduce our environmental impact.
Diversity: We embrace diversity as a positive influence.
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