Emergency Services

Metropolitan Fire Board

The Challenge

The Alarm Assessment team at MFB is responsible for administering and evaluating thousands of monitored false alarm calls attended by their appliances every year. The team needs to report statistics to the MFB board and to analyse calls, frequently attended sites and responsible tenants and assist in making a determination to charge a penalty for attending the callout.

The team is also involved in awareness and education campaigns around proper procedures and maintenance of building alarm systems. Previous reporting was manually created using a myriad of cumbersome resources and processes.

The Solution

Prima worked with various stakeholders of the Alarm assessment team to develop a suite of reports using QlikView to summarise the current position and measurement of key KPIs, analyse stakeholders sites, highlight frequently offending alarms and to give the team the ability to perform guided structured reporting.

A key component of the solution for the team was to be able to build their own reports as required by selecting their desired parameters.

The Outcome

The Alarm assessment team at MFB now have a robust reporting solution that is scalable to the requirements of the Brigade and is used daily to make important operation decisions relating to false alarm assessments and provide statuary periodic reporting to all levels of management.

About MFB:

MFB’s 2,194 employees provide services to almost three million Melbourne residents, workers and visitors, and safeguard assets and infrastructure worth billions of dollars. Their services cover the metropolitan district, an area of over 1,000 square kilometres.

  • delivers fire and emergency management services
  • drives systemic change to the built environment through reforms to building design, regulations and legislation
  • invests in research
  • develops prevention programs that improve community safety and build resilience.

MFB also provides specialist operational support across Australia and the Asia Pacific region as required.

The majority of MFB services occur in the metropolitan district which reaches across 26 Local Government Areas (LGAs). There are 47 stations spread through five districts which are split into two main regions.

Example of a QlikView MFB Dashboard
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